Keith and his wife are opening their home in east Tennessee to private camps. If you have a small group of like-minded musicians who would like to share three to five days immersed in a wonderful music-filled environment, get in touch!


Reviews from Camp Directors

"Keith Yoder is easily one of the most requested and appreciated instructors who teaches at my music camps. The campers just rave about him: his teaching style, his approachability, and generosity with his time. In his classes, people finally "get it", and long after other teachers have retired for the day, Keith has been known to be leading jams late into the night, giving far more of himself than is asked of him. I highly recommend him for any teaching position."

- Ingrid Noyes, director of Walker Creek Music Camp

"Keith is one of our most loved and valued instructors - he immediately makes students feel at home and ready and willing to take a risk and step outside their comfort zone. He's a fantastic musician, and his love and joy of music come through in his teaching. He's also an amazing jam host - of all levels. He knows how to get a group working together so everyone gets a chance to shine."

- Julie Kerr and Craig Korth, co-directors of NimbleFingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Workshop and Festival

"Keith Yoder is a machine! I'm going to bed, and he's jamming with ten campers. I drag back into the building in the morning and he's jamming with two or three others. We had many folks who just followed him around. Rarely has one instructor had such an impact on so many campers."

- Charlie Hall, director of Colorado Roots Music Camp

2022 Camp Schedule

March 9 - 12   Private band camp - Lakes James, NC

April 25 - 28  MerleFest  Bluegrass Camp - Boomer, NC

May 2 - 5   Jam Camp after MerleFest - Boomer, NC

June 12 - 18  Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamp - Old Time and Traditional Week - Maryville, TN

June 19 - 25  Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamp - Bluegrass Week - Maryville, TN

July 3 - 8   Acoustic Music Camp/Philmont Scout Ranch - Philmont, NM

July 20 - 21  Kalona Bluegrass Workshops - Kalona, IA

July 27 - 29   Strawberry Jam Camp - Strawberry Point, IA

August 7 - 13   Colorado Roots Music Camp - Divide, CO

August 28 - September 3   Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp - Wasilla, AK

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